Laser Path Guide

Given that a staggering 99% of amateur golf swings falter within the initial 2 feet of the takeaway, the Laser Path Guide steps in to promptly pinpoint any such imperfections and set the golf swing on the right path from the start. Not only does this technology identify flaws, but it also assists in perfecting an on-plane takeaway through laser beam feedback. Before you know it, you’ll be emulating the pros’ backswing, finding “the slot,” and gearing up to deliver a forceful blow to the ball.

Laser Path Guide

While the first two feet of the takeaway are pivotal for executing a correct, consistent, and on-plane backswing, the subsequent two feet post-impact are crucial for releasing the club along the correct trajectory. The Laser Path Guide promptly detects any swing irregularities linked to impact and beyond. With its guidance, you’ll swiftly grasp how to execute a proper club release, bid farewell to slices, and engrain a dependable, uniform swing path.

The face angle and swing path at impact dictate the eventual ball flight, whether it’s a draw, fade, slice, or pull. By harnessing the Laser Path Guide alongside the Realizer Clubface, you’ll unearth a repeatable, uniform, and potent on-plane golf swing.

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