Realizer Club Face

Understanding the inherent connection between the control or glove hand and the clubface is crucial for executing any golf swing, whether it’s a chip, pitch, bunker shot, flop, low, high, draw, fade, punch, or full swing.

With the Realizer Clubface, you’ll swiftly realize that every movement of your control or glove hand directly impacts the clubface’s path, angle, and impact position, subsequently influencing the ball’s flight, spin, and speed like never before. This relationship is now more evident than ever.

Realizer Club Face

Never before has it been possible to observe the clubface’s position and movement by simply monitoring the back of your control or glove hand. This simplifies the golf swing, making it more accessible than ever.

Gone are the days of attempting to scoop or lift the ball. Instead, you’ll grasp how to achieve forward shaft lean and effectively compress the ball like never before. You’ll learn to replicate the impact position of professionals, mastering both power and control over the ball.

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