“Through the utilization of the Game-inglove, my students have witnessed a marked improvement in their swing path consistency, whether in full swing or short game scenarios. I prefer incorporating it into slow-motion drills, enabling a clear laser trace, both visually and sensationally. I wholeheartedly endorse the Game-inglove for students at all skill levels; it’s an exceptional product.”

Jason Helman, PGA – Renowned as one of Canada’s premier instructors, awarded the 2010 PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year & ranked among Golf Digest’s Top 5 Teachers. Also, a distinguished Golf Channel SwingFix & Tour Instructor.
Jason Helman, PGA – Renowned as one of Canada’s premier instructors, awarded the 2010 PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year & ranked among Golf Digest’s Top 5 Teachers. Also, a distinguished Golf Channel SwingFix & Tour Instructor.

“Don’t spill the beans to your golf buddies (wink), but this thing is a game-changer! It’s user-friendly, provides instant feedback, and rectifies your game and swing. Invest some time honing your skills privately, then dazzle your foursome with impeccable shots! Personally, I believe that mastering the golf swing from hip to hip is crucial, and this device nails the initial takeaway and essential ball attack. Embark on refining your golf game’s foundation with Game-inglove.”

Scott Putnam – Hailing from St. Louis, MO

“Mark Berry, you’re a genius! Just 15 minutes of practice swings, and I nearly sent my ceiling fan flying with a flawlessly struck nerf ball off the carpet using an 8 iron. This product is phenomenal. It’s hands down the most beneficial training aid I’ve ever tried. It reveals your mistakes! It’s enlightening to witness how crucial it is to shift your weight back onto your left side for a proper follow-through.”

Ben Berry – Based in NYC

“I wanted to share a testimonial about this fantastic product. Despite playing golf for years, I struggled to consistently draw the ball. Since acquiring the Game-inglove, I’ve made significant progress in achieving that draw on command. It’s hands down the best product I’ve used to enhance my game. I never leave home without it.”

Elijah Winfrey – Founder & President of TeamWinfrey
Elijah Winfrey – Founder & President of TeamWinfrey

“Being one of the initial users of Game-inglove, I can vouch for its excellent quality. By utilizing the Realizer Clubface alongside the Laser Path Guide, I’ve observed tangible improvements in my game.”

Mike Modano – Former Dallas Stars #9 – Hockey Hall of Fame

“After thorough testing, both personally and with my students, I’m impressed with the Game-inglove. It provides a visual roadmap from the takeaway to impact and extension, enhancing both visualization and feel. It’s a well-designed product that complements the user’s learning experience effectively.”

Brian Jacobs – PGA, Hank Haney PRO Certified Instructor, Nike Golf Swoosh Staff

“The Game-inglove has become a staple in my teaching arsenal, particularly for coaching students on club path and impact position. It offers a clear depiction of the clubface’s movement throughout the swing, enhancing the learning experience for my students.”

Frank J. Guastella – PGA Master Professional, Michigan PGA Rules Official, Staff Writer for Mike Fay Golf

“As an old-school skeptic of training aids, I didn’t expect much from Game-inglove. However, it exceeded my expectations during testing. In fact, I discovered additional uses that Mark hadn’t considered, such as its effectiveness for bunker play and putting. The addition of a Laser Path Mat and an adjustable laser beam in the production model will undoubtedly enhance this already excellent product.”

Pete Drotar – USGTF Master Pro / Former Tour Pro / Owner of Drotar Golf / First Tee Coach / 1+Putting / Retired Gunny Sargent USMC / VNVet / U of M

“The feedback from my students on the Game-inglove has been overwhelmingly positive! The graphic representation of the clubface on the glove’s back has greatly aided in understanding the grip’s role in face control. Additionally, the laser provides instant feedback on hand and club head path awareness, making it an invaluable tool for both short game and full swing practice.”

James Hong – TPI Level 2 Performance Coach; ’12 US kids Golf Top 50 Master Teacher

“The Game-inglove’s innovation, with the clubface displayed on the back of the hand and glove alongside the laser pointer, offers valuable feedback on wrist angle and swing path. It’s a highly beneficial tool for players seeking improvement.”

Ed Bowe – Director of Golf Instruction at Omni Amelia Island Plantation, former Director of Instructor training at ESPN Golf Schools
Ed Bowe – Director of Golf Instruction at Omni Amelia Island Plantation, former Director of Instructor training at ESPN Golf Schools

“Having used the Game-inglove with several players, I can attest to its effectiveness in aiding golfers of every level. The Realizer Clubface and Laser Path Guide have enabled me to pinpoint my students’ swing flaws and guide them toward correction. Additionally, the Shaft Palm Line feature has helped them achieve a more consistent grip. With its array of features, the Game-inglove is a surefire way to enhance your golf game.”

Mike Fay – Director of Player Performance at the Boyne Golf Academy in Boyne Falls, Michigan.

“My students who tried the Game-inglove during our lessons experienced immediate improvements and found it incredibly user-friendly. Used it today for another successful lesson. It truly aids the student in understanding and feeling the correct swing path back and through.”

James Kyle – PGA, 2014 WCC PGA TEACHER of the YEAR–2012 WCC PGA Junior Golf Leader of the Year

“The body follows what the eyes and mind perceive. Game-inglove undoubtedly helps connect your path and face for improved contact and better results. It offers clear guidance for your improvement journey.”

Shane LeBaron – Plane Truth level 3, Golf Digest Best in State AZ

“The GiG has been an invaluable tool in helping players, particularly newcomers to the game, grasp the correct hand motion at crucial points of the swing— the takeaway, impact, and early follow-through. I highly recommend this product!”

Taylor Crosby – Certified Instructor at Jim McLean Golf Center-Texas

“Most golfers learn best through kinesthetic and visual methods, making Game-inglove Technology ideal. While working with my students on their takeaways, impact position, and extension through impact, I had them use the Game In-Glove. It allowed them to feel the movements I made them perform and visually see where they needed to be throughout the takeaway, impact, and follow-through. One of my students remarked on how it enhanced their awareness of maintaining hand position through impact when focusing on the laser.”

Michael LaBella, PGA – Brian Jacobs Golf Associate Instructor – Director of Youth & Women’s Programs, PGA Certified in Teaching & Coaching, U.S. Kids Golf Certified Instructor

“Your grip plays a pivotal role in achieving solid shots. If your grip is off, your swing will compensate, affecting your shot accuracy. Game-Inglove is the only training device of its kind that helps you perfect all elements of the ideal golf grip. I particularly appreciate the laser for guiding your takeaway. Working on your grip with this tool is a foolproof method for improvement.”

Karen Palacios-Jansen – LPGA Teaching Professional

“In the past 2 years, I’ve managed to reduce my handicap from 26 to 16 through sheer hard work and practice. However, I lacked a clear understanding of my actions—whether they felt right or not, whether they produced results or not. I had no concrete evidence that I was doing things correctly rather than just repetitively. Who knows, perhaps my inability to break into the lower teens and single digits was due to misunderstanding what I was doing? Enter Game-inglove. Now, I have a precise understanding of where the club is in my hand, whether my backswing is straight, and what my face angle looks like and how my hands affect it. Now, I’m confident that I’m practicing the right techniques to achieve the best results on the course! Thanks to Game-inglove!”

Jason Cherpak – A golfer with a 16 handicap

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